Episode 2- Some French

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  • Song Name: Episode 2- Some French
  • Artist: Sydney and Maria
  • Album: Marblecast
  • Year: 2007

Falling up the stairs podcast! Just as clumsy and the same amount of brainpower required!

Sorry for extreme lateness, i had to enter 2 literary contests and then had a bunch of HUGE tests in all of my subjects (and laziness) but it's all done now. Email me if you want to see my submission to the contests I entered!

Please subscribe and enjoy our partially thought out trainwreck, it will be not unlike falling up the stairs.

Intro~ Chlorine aqua green by Bit Rationale
Outro~ Farewell to Pony Bob by Mark Weakley

Email questions and comments and stalker advice to: fallingupthestairspodcast@yahoo.com